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At Hanhai BioLabs, we have a wide array of companies and products we work with within the life sciences and health tech space. If you think your company is qualified and ready to make the jump, get after it and apply now. We look forward to hearing more about your innovations and how we can lend a hand to aid the success of your company’s future.


  • Startups or projects focusing on life sciences

  • Prototypes are required for hardware projects; test data is required for application projects

  • Core members are required to participate in mentor meetings, master-classes and other events in Burlingame during the 6-month accelerating period

  • There is no property dispute on products, technologies and patents

You can fill out our attached application form below, or you can submit a one-page executive summary to

Please submit a presentation of your project outlining the following points:

  • Basic company idea – Elevator pitch

  • Team

  • Customer needs/problems to solve

  • Product/service features and underlying technology

  • Market assessment

  • Competition analysis

  • Go-to-market strategies

  • Development milestones

  • Basic financial projections

If you are a technologist, feel free to submit your project with limited financial data. We will help you to develop your business, connecting you with people who have managerial and financial expertise.


Thanks for submitting!

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